2019 Marlboro Tours


Gabriele Carcano, piano • YooJin Jang, violin
Joseph Lin, violin/viola • Kei Tojo, viola
Sarah Rommel, cello

May 5 - Greenwich library  . CT

        6 - Carnegie Weil Hall, NY

        8 - Philadelphia Chamber music society , PA

        9 - Myer’s Auditorium, Washington DC 

        12- Gardener Museum, Boston    

JULY 26. 2018 .... The Chautauquan Daily

Guest critic: Guest conductor Stilian Kirov, soloist YooJin Jang lead CSO in second installment of Beethoven Festival


The night was in her hands. She revealed how to create tenderness, free from any damage.
YooJin Jang wore a fus￾chia evening gown with emerging flowers, and her violin made soft ripples in still water. She brought sound to life. Her sound was like a falling leaf. It was a
rainy night at Chautauqua. But YooJin Jang held the threatening thunder at bay. 
With her instrument, she carried both supple grace in long, lyric passages and then, moving more rapidly, with the exquisite strength of a hummingbird. Yes, breath￾taking. She was fulcrum. This was the cadenza in the long first movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Vi￾olin Concerto in D major, opus 61, the second in the series called the Beethoven Festival in the Amphithe￾ater, and the second of three works on Tuesday. Then, she and the or￾chestra moved in the second movement along a precious path at the edge of silence, a tender way marked by Bee￾thoven’s surprises in melody as in more formal dynamics, a remarkable exchange be￾tween artist and support. This rainy night in Chau￾tauqua was also a night for
youth. Ms. YooJin is a Ph.D candidate at New England Conservatory of Music, and
the evening’s conductor, Stil￾ian Kirov, a matriculating stu￾dent at Chautauqua’s School
of Music in 2010, enjoyed his debut tour just last year. In their care was iconic work by
a preeminent artist, and they led this evening the talents of the Chautauqua Symphony
Orchestra, their elders.

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