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■ 2017.10

Winner of the 2017 Concert Artist Guild Competition

■ 2016.6

Winner of the 2016 Sendai International Violin Competition

■ 2014.10

9th Quadrennial International Violin Competition of Indianapolis 5th Prize, Award for best performance of a sonata other than Beethoven

■ 2013.2

Winner and Munetsugu Owner's Prize of the 4th Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition in 2013

■ 2010.10

Winner of the Borromeo String Quartet "Guest Artist Awards" and invited to play with the Quartet at the Gala Concert

■ 2009.5

2nd  prize, Audience Prize, and The prize for the Best Performance of the NZ commissioned work at the 2009 Michael Hill International Violin Competition

■ 2009.4

4th  prize at the Seoul International Music Violin Competition

■ 2009.3

Semifinalist and presented with the "Schloss Weikersheim Scholarship" award at the London International String Quartet Competition 2009

■ 2007.12

Awarded the “Encouragement Prize" at the 2nd Daewon Music Award

■ 2006.11

Grand Prix and Prize of the administration of Izhevska 2006 International competition for young musicians" Tchaikovsky's Homeland

■ 2006.4

1st prize and Orchestra Prize at the Lotos Mozart Prize Gdańsk

■ 2005.8

I.M.A Award at the Ishikawa Music Academy

■ 2004.3

3rd prize at Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition

■ 2003.4

2nd prize at the 9th International Yfrah-Neaman-Competition

■ 2001.5

Winner of the prestigious Ewha & Kyunghyang Concours Competition


●  Education     ● Competition & Awards     ● Important Performances     ● Repertoire